The Trio was founded in 1998 and consists of violoncello, double-bass and piano. It owes its name to the fact that this is an ‘impossible’ and unusual combination.

The members Bence Temesvári, Ivan Kitanović and Michael Weingartmann are either principal players of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra (principal cello and double-bass) or graduates from the Musikhochschule Wien. As there are hardly any works written for this particular kind of ensemble, the Trio plays solo pieces for the individual instruments - accompanied by the others - as well as special arrangements written for the trio as a whole.
The ensemble has already been on tour to Mexico, England (London), Cyprus, to Russia (Moscow), to Lithuania and Turkey as well as to South America and the Middle East.

The TRIO IMPOSSIBILE is without a doubt an unusual, extraordinary and unique group of highly-gifted musicians.